This Is Why A Strong Woman Doesn’t Need A Man

This Is Why A Strong Woman Doesn’t Need A Man

It’s very hard to explain to men that they’re not needed. They get insulted and start behaving weird towards us, like there’s something wrong, when in actuality, they should be proud.

I once told my boyfriend that I didn’t need him and he threw a tantrum, telling me that he didn’t understand why I was with him. He told me that I should leave, that I would be happier that way, and because of his reaction, I really did leave. I cried, a lot. I was hurt and broken. Why didn’t he understand what I was trying to tell him?

The truth is, a strong woman will never need a man. That’s exactly why you should fall for a strong woman. We might want a man in our life because of different reasons, but needing them in order to feel less lonely, to feel loved and appreciated isn’t our thing.

I know that this might be very difficult to understand because we have heard about women who spend all of their lives in the search for the right partner, for ‘Mr. Right’ because she thought that there was no way she could be happy alone. But the times have changed.

Every strong woman was broken at one point of her life and she rose up again, stronger, more beautiful than ever before. That’s why today we don’t need men. We have been hurt far too many times and we have been on the ground crying. You will never again see us in that position.

Of course I am not generalizing—not every man in this world disrespected the woman in his life. There are men out there who are willing to love, respect and appreciate their ladies. Those are the men we will most probably choose at one point or another because we will want to give them a chance.