This Is Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Coworker

This Is Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Coworker

You’ve got this new job and although you like everyone there, there is this guy that stands out. You find him especially cute and attractive and you see that he is not indifferent either. He is the first one to help you out whenever you need something which is work-related. This is the guy with whom you’ve been spending all of your breaks and all of your free time at work.

And not only that—lately, you’ve been seeing this guy after work hours, as well. You see that there is definitely something more going on between the two of you. You no longer see him as just a coworker and there is no doubt about that.

But you’ve started questioning yourself and you’ve started wondering if you see him as more than a friend. You are aware that the two of you play some flirty games and you are aware that you like him and that he likes you.

But you are both scared of making the first move and crossing the line because of the circumstances you are in. You’ve heard different stories about dating a coworker and you simply don’t know what to think. You don’t know if this is a good idea and if this is something you should get yourself involved in, despite the fact that obviously your coworker likes you and that you like him.

Well, let me tell you that dating a coworker has its positive and negative sides, the same as everything else in life. Although this experience can be the best one in your life, it can also bring you some difficulties you don’t need.

Let me tell you that falling in love with your coworker is the most natural thing ever and that it happens more often than you can imagine. After all, this is the person with whom you spend most of your time every day and it is natural for both of you to grow some emotions. Besides, you probably have some of the same interests, keeping in mind the fact that you work in the same place, so it is quite possible for you to have similar educations and similar job positions. All of this are the things which connect you and make the two of you even closer.

But it doesn’t mean that you should always follow your heart. The first thing you need to think about is whether this can be something serious or you want to have a meaningless fling. If you are looking for a relationship based on sex only, maybe you should rethink your decision. Is spending a few passionate nights with this guy worthy of ruining this great relationship you have with him now?

On the other hand, if you think that these emotions are real and that you can’t control them, maybe it’s time to act on them. But what you need to have in mind is that this is the person with whom you’ll be spending your days at work, regardless of your relationship. Although this can seem as a great thing in the beginning, later it can become exhausting to spend time with him during work hours and after work as well. The two of you could easily get bored of each other and that is not something you want.

But the worst part about dating a coworker is breaking up with him. Every break up is emotionally challenging and difficult to handle. But when you break up with any other guy, you simply apply the no contact rule and it becomes easier for you to move on when you don’t see him and don’t hear from him. But when it comes to your coworker, you don’t have this kind of option. This guy is right in front of your eyes every single day and there is nothing you can do about it, except changing your workplace.

The bottom line is that the choice is yours. The only thing you need to decide is whether this guy and the feelings you have for him are worthy of the sacrifices you will have to make for this relationship. Are you ready to take this risk and to deal with all the potential consequences?

If you are, then go for it. And if you are not, maybe it’s for the best not to.