The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Stay In A Toxic Relationship When You Know You Shouldn’t

The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Stay In A Toxic Relationship When You Know You Shouldn’t

Stop telling yourself that you can fix him. Stop thinking that he is going to change if you stay by his side long enough. You’ve been giving so much of yourself away for nothing with no results. One simple, ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t mean that it’s getting better.

You are falling apart. Giving yourself to someone this much can’t be healthy in any way. When was the last time you looked into a mirror? Did you recognize the person that was looking right back at you? That one person to whom you owe an apology for leaving her behind to pile her emotions inside her and to never have a moment of rest because everything that she has been given to him?

The worst thing you can do to yourself is stay in this relationship when you know you shouldn’t. You wake up with the feeling in your chest that’s telling you that you should be running away, but you run towards him asking for one more reason to stay which you can never find.

The reason that’s embedded inside you from the very beginning is hope. Hope that he will change. Hope that your love is going to change him. Hope that things will get better. ‘He isn’t such a bad person. Maybe he’s just misunderstood?’ – How many more times are you going to say this to yourself?

What are you waiting for? For him to realize how much of an amazing woman you actually are? You are waiting for him to stop treating you the way he does. You are waiting for him to realize your value while you’re losing valuable years of your life for someone who isn’t worthy of your love!

You can never save someone by letting them destroy you! That is not love and it never will be. It’s suicide in its finest form! We end up in toxic relationships thinking that those red flags from the beginning were just tests to see if we were strong enough to stick around for that person and if we’re able to love the pain out of them. But we can’t do that until those people choose to want to be changed.

You know you shouldn’t stay. You feel it every time your chest hurts. You feel it every time your mind clouds up and your thoughts become confusing. You shouldn’t stay and you feel it in your every move, but you still do.

Please do yourself a favor and leave. Your love is so pure and there is someone who would die just to feel a moment of your undivided love and attention, but you keep on loving someone who isn’t worthy of you. You keep on loving a man who looks at you and doesn’t see who you really are. He just sees a tool for his manipulative behavior.

He doesn’t love you. Sorry to break it to you this way, but he doesn’t. He loves the idea of who you might become after he’s finished with you. He wants you to hurt just like he does, because yes, he does it all on purpose. You think that he can’t see how much it hurts you when he yells and screams? You think that he isn’t able to see those bags under your eyes from the way you cried yourself to sleep last night? He sees all of these things and believe me he enjoys it.

He wants you to suffer. I know that you must be thinking about his hard and painful past, thinking that he doesn’t know any better. If he wanted to change, he would have listened to you telling him what to do in order to get better, but he keeps on ignoring it.

In your head, it looks like you’re giving up on him, but you’re actually saving yourself. It’s not an act of selfishness, believe me. It’s you saving the one person who should have been there for you this whole time – yourself. So pack up your things, take your heart and walk away.

Your heart will ache and you will feel like you have made a mistake, but a bigger one would have been if you had stayed by his side and continued torturing yourself. You have to take care of yourself and for sure there will come a time where someone will care that much for you as well.

Do something for yourself finally! All this time you’ve been waiting and doing everything you can to make him feel good, but it doesn’t help. So go treat yourself! Show your strength and let him see that he has lost you by being the arrogant, narcissistic asshole he is.

Walk away and never look back. He might try to contact you again. He might try to show up at your door and tell you that it was your fault, not his. He might try to make you miserable again. But don’t let him! You are way better than that. Your past should be there where it belongs and you should look in front of yourself to the future—and he won’t be there.

Take all the time you need to heal. I know that it’s difficult to stay in a relationship where all you had was days filled with sadness and misery. Your heart will need some time to pick up its broken pieces and put itself back together. But give it all the love and attention it needs! There is nothing more important now than your own well-being.

Love yourself! For such a long time you have been left without love. Now, it’s finally the right time to move on and treat yourself because you know you should have done it a long time ago. You knew, this whole time, that you shouldn’t have stayed in this relationship. So do something loving and caring for yourself and leave. Put yourself first. You deserve it! Believe me, you do.