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It Was My Fault I Expected So Much From You

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Before I met you, I’d been through many disappointments. I had my heart broken and I was hurt in more than one way. But even the humiliation and the emotional pain I’d been through in the past hadn’t killed my desire to live and most importantly, they hadn’t destroyed my faith in love.

Even when I thought I’d hit rock bottom, my hope was the one thing that kept me alive. Even when I suffered the most, I believed that there existed a man who would complete my life and who would make me happy. I believed that I would meet the right guy sooner or later and he would make all the pain I’d been through go away. I believed that this guy would make all my tears and doubts in myself go away. I believed he would chase away my insecurities and that he would make me feel enough. I had faith that he would heal my broken heart and that he would be everything I’d always wanted.

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