If You Need To Do These 7 Things In Order To Be With Him, He’s Not Worth It

If You Need To Do These 7 Things In Order To Be With Him, He’s Not Worth It

We all have a picture in our head of how a perfect relationship would look, right? But we somehow forget about our own ideas and we dedicate ourself to pleasing our partner. Sometimes, the things that are needed in order for our partner to be happy are quite unusual, but we still do them, mistaking his needs for love. That’s the problem, you know? Doing things that we are not OK with simply for our partner to stay by our side is the worst thing any woman can do. If you really need to do certain things in order for him to be with you, then he is not worth it. Especially if those things are against everything you believe in.

1. Keep quiet
What does he tell you when you get angry and you try talking to him? Does he shut you up? If you are feeling upset for whatever reason and he doesn’t give you the freedom to talk about it, then he’s not worthy of you. This also applies if he makes you hide your tears. He says that those things bother him or that you are depressed simply because you had a rough day and he makes it even worse by not being there for you. Just leave. He doesn’t deserve you. It’s just who he is. He won’t change.

2. Have sex with him
Your body is yours only and he doesn’t have the right to it. Ever. If he tells you that sex is the ultimate sign of love, he’s lying. You can give your body to whomever you want but you can also choose if you’ll give it to him. If you refuse, he needs to respect your decision. Men think that they are entitled to our body, thinking that if we don’t give ourself to them, we don’t care enough.

3. Give up on your dreams
If a guy wants you to give up your job, your dreams or everything you’re working for, then we have a problem. If he really loves you, he will be supportive of everything that you want to achieve in your life and he might even help if he sees that there’s a way he actually could. But keeping you locked inside his own little world, never allowing you to grow? Well, that’s just messed up. You need to grow together and not let him convince you that he’s the only one who should be working or going to university. You deserve to follow your dreams as well!

4. Give up your friends
I know that it’s very common that we find ourselves in relationships with people who don’t really get along with our friends but that’s not as horrible as if he tries to make you give them up. If he keeps on talking about them in a bad manner and doesn’t even want to meet them, then there’s a problem. He needs to love you for who you are and respect all your choices. Your friends are one of your choices and if he wants you to give up on your friendships in order for him to stay in your life, then he’s simply not worth it.

5. Settle for something you’re not into
If he proposes an open sex relationship and he tells you that it’s the only way he can function in a relationship but you simply don’t like the idea of it, what do you do? Do you tell him that you are not into that or do you not say anything because you’re too scared that you might lose him, so you still go with it? If he makes you settle for this kind of thing, he isn’t in love with you and you shouldn’t let yourself settle for anything less than you want or need. If you need him to be only yours and he still decides to leave, then it’s his loss. You just keep on being yourself.

6. Dress differently
It’s cute when a guy gets jealous sometimes, right? It gives off the impression that he cares. But if he doesn’t allow you to wear certain pieces of clothing because other men might look at you, he’s just possessive. If he makes you wear jeans to formal events where you would rather wear a dress, because he’s afraid that you might catch the attention of another man, he doesn’t trust you enough, so why bother?

7. Take initiative
I don’t mean that women shouldn’t take initiative in a relationship but if you’re always the one organizing dates and if you’re always the one who texts first, then sorry, he’s just not that into you. He should be the one calling you and texting you, at least to see how you’re doing. But if he doesn’t do that and he keeps on waiting for you to take the lead and arrange a night out, then he’s not worth it.