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If He Does These 5 Things He Feels Like He’s Losing You

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I bet you’ve been in situations when your relationship began to fall apart. Maybe you weren’t quite aware of why that was so, but you’ve definitely asked yourself how to make him realize he’s losing you.

Sometimes this approach doesn’t work and the whole thing goes south, but it’s still worth trying because sometimes this tactic works and he sobers up and realizes you’re not going to be around much more if he continues behaving the way he does.

How are you going to know that you’ve completed your mission and made him realize he’s acting like a complete jerk and you’re not going to stay long enough to put up with it? Easy, just follow things written below to make sure that he’s realized he’ll lose you if he doesn’t change.

1. He’ll get emotional
He’ll definitely open up his heart to you. He may even cry around you because you mean that much to him and he really doesn’t want to lose you. He can’t stand the fact that you might be with another man and not him. That’s real love—too bad it took him some time to realize what a diamond he has in his possession, but he realized it.

He’ll never tell you straightforwardly why he’s crying, but there is no other explanation because guys don’t cry all the time and for no reason. They only cry when they are extremely afraid and when they might lose something they love the most—in this case, you.

2. His mind is somewhere else
When you’re doing something together, he won’t be present. I mean, he will be there physically, but his mind is going to be elsewhere. This happens because something is troubling him. Maybe he feels like you’re distancing yourself from him or that your relationship is on a bad path, a path that will lead you to separation.

It’s strange because he wants to be there for you, he wants to see you more because he is afraid of losing you, but when you’re together, he is worried, nervous and anxious. This is definitely a bulletproof sign he’s worried about losing you, especially if he has mentioned it a couple of times before.

3. He is playing it safe
He doesn’t take so many risks anymore. He is being too careful because he doesn’t want to do something that will chase you off. He won’t speak his mind all the time and he won’t go out of the box. He’ll stick to the basics and things of which he is one hundred percent positive.

You’ll notice that his behavior is going to change and once again, he won’t tell you why, at least not right at the beginning, but you can be sure he is afraid you’ll leave and that’s why he is being cautious.

4. You’ll become his number one priority
There will be nothing more important than you. I guess this should have happened a long time ago, but better late than never. He will drop everything he has planned if you call him to come over. There will be nothing more important to him than you. And all of this because he is really scared of losing you. All of this because he really loves you and wants you to be in his life forever.

5. He will get involved in your life more
He’ll show interest in you and the things that you do. He will want to spend more time with you to get to know you all over again. He has realized that over time, he has taken you for granted and now, he’s sorry. He wants to make it up to you by spending more time with you.

He will ask you to go out on dates. He will call you to hang out with him and his friends more. He will invite you to his special events and he will suggest that you take up a hobby together. He will do anything to get you back.