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Eventually, She’ll Realize She Deserves So Much More Than You Give Her

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She doesn’t realize love isn’t supposed to be so hard.

Nobody ever told her that. She figured that in love, you have to fight hard and you have to shark ahead with both your hands and feet just so you won’t be stuck in one place. She figured if you really love and if you really want something, you have to fight till your last breath for it.

And while making efforts in love is a must, the truth is that true love isn’t supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to have ups and downs and make you go through a few tests to see if you’re worthy of it, but love should never be a burden—love should never be so hard.

She doesn’t realize she shouldn’t be the only one trying.

The worst part is that she doesn’t see she’s the only one trying. That’s because she’s the way she is. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she gives love without ever expecting anything in return. She gives her love so easily because she thinks everyone deserves it. But that’s where she’s wrong.

Not everyone deserves her love. You most definitely did nothing to deserve as much love as she gives you.

She doesn’t realize it isn’t supposed to make her feel so sad.

And she’s sad all the time—because of the way you treat her, because of all the things she does but it rarely works out between the two of you. And she doesn’t even know that the thing she holds onto so hard—this love of yours—is the thing that saddens her heart all the time.

She doesn’t realize love shouldn’t make her feel insecure, unworthy or not good enough.

It’s because she doesn’t realize that its this love which is draining all her energy and this love which has too many bad f side effects on her. It makes her feel insecure, unworthy and like she’s not good enough. As if whatever she does, she never manages to do right. As if there is something wrong with her and as if she doesn’t deserve love.

But the truth is she deserved it all a long time ago. It’s just that the person who’s supposed to give her all of that is unwilling to do so.

It’s okay. She is still there because she thinks you deserve all her love.

She doesn’t see there is anything wrong with the way she’s being treated because she’s blinded by love. That’s why even after all this time, ever after she’s been denied what she deserved so many times, even when she could be happier somewhere else, she chooses you to give you all her love.

But sometimes love isn’t enough.

Mostly it’s not enough because only one person is actually loving the right way. And it’s her. In your relationship, love is not enough because you don’t care about her feelings, you’re not nurturing your love and you’re taking her for granted. And she deserves so much more than that.

She deserves more than having you only in the good days.

You’re there only when everything is great, when you’re having fun and when there are no worries burdening her. But once the sun sets and the clouds come above your heads, you run away. She only has you in the good days, but when things get hard, she never has your shoulder to lean her head on. She can never count on you to be there for her, to tell her things are going to be alright, to tell her how you’ll manage to figure everything out together. When she needs you the most is when you let her down the most. And she deserves more than that.

She deserves more than half-assed love.

It’s like you’re there, but not completely. It’s like you care for her, but not all the way. It’s like you love her, but with your lowest efforts. And that’s not what she deserves because she loves you wholeheartedly. She cares for you all the way and she’s there for you one hundred percent. She deserves at least as much.

She deserves more than your almost efforts.

You treat her depending on your mood. There is no making an extra effort. There is no true trying for her and somehow you always give up when things require a little more of your time or your work.

On the other hand, she never gave up on you. She’d kept hitting the wall until she crashed it, but she never gave up when things didn’t work out at first. Because she’s a fighter and you only invest half of your efforts.

She deserves more than you give her.

She gives you so much. For everything she does for you, she deserves to be loved, appreciated and valued, you know? She’s the type of girl that only walks into your life once. She’s the type of girl everyone wants to marry, but you’re taking her for granted. You’re not treating her right and you’re not giving her half of what she deserves. But that’s alright. Because you won’t be able to do that much longer.

Eventually, she’ll figure it out.

She won’t be blinded forever with the love she feels towards you. It won’t be much longer until she figures out that she’s the only one really fighting. It won’t be long before she realizes that she gives so much more than she gets. It won’t be that long of a time until she realizes she deserves so much more than you give her.

She’ll forget how much she loves you when she finally realizes what she actually deserves. Only then you’ll realize your mistake. Only then you’ll see what happens when you take a girl like her for granted.