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Date Someone You Share Incredible Sexual Tension With

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Date them because they will find you sexy no matter what, when or where. They will admire the shape of your body no matter if you are wearing sweatpants, jeans, or nothing at all. They will find you adorable even when you think you are at your worst.

Date them because you will start your days right. When you are all messy and barely awake in the morning, they will pull you close so you can feel just how turned on by you they are at any given moment. And is there any better way to start a day than with sweet lovemaking?

Date them because you will fall asleep like you never have before. And no, I don’t mean just getting hot and sweaty every night. After the initial all day all night period, your sexual connection will remain, but you will have days when you simply won’t feel like it. They will respect that. They will cuddle you to sleep. They will bring you this sense of safety and tranquility. You will drift off to the land of dreams so easily knowing you have someone who cares right next to you.

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