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Date Someone You Share Incredible Sexual Tension With

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Date them because your daydreams and your most hidden fantasies included them long before your bodies touched. It made you yearn for the warmth of their skin without even touching it. It made you make a map on their body of all the places you want to kiss. It made you breathe deeply. It created a magnetism that can’t be stopped.

Date them because one simple touch will make your whole body tremble. It might be just a joke whispered in your ear that will make you horny. Kissing your hand, your shoulder or some other small gesture will make your entire body react. The anticipation of that moment will make the joy even greater.

Date them because there will be fireworks all over. Imagine all the bottled up desires colliding and bursting into flames. Imagine because that’s exactly what will happen when your sexual tension is made a reality.

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