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Date Someone You Share Incredible Sexual Tension With

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When we hear the words sexual tension, we immediately confuse it with the similar term of ‘sexual desire’. Sexual tension is so much more. It includes desire, but it also includes attraction, long-term lust, chemistry and undeniable connection. However sexual tension represents a situation where consummation is postponed or it’s unlikely to ever happen.

Why is that so? Who in their right mind would suppress their deepest most intimate feelings willingly? Well, the correct answer would be those who have no other choice. For example, friends who are hiding their feelings because they are afraid they will ruin the friendship if the relationship doesn’t succeed; coworkers who want something more but whose work ethics forbid them to act on their feelings; even people stuck in the wrong relationships.

The truth is sexual tension may be left at just that—dreams and desires, gazing and flirting, wishing and longing for something that will never be. But if it, at any point, becomes possible, it just might be the thing you need to form a good relationship in a package with an amazing sex life.

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