Date Someone Who Will Love You When You Are Not Able To Love Yourself

Date Someone Who Will Love You When You Are Not Able To Love Yourself


You walk around with your head held high, like there’s nothing that can bring you down, like there is nothing that can break you. There are only a few people out there who can make you feel inferior. To yourself, you’re good enough and you know that you are a valuable person.

Until it hits you, until you’ve been too strong for too long and something breaks you. No one likes to be alone, but others take advantage of vulnerable moments like these and you don’t ask for help, because you always regret doing so.

And then there’s him. He makes the world seem like a better place every time he smiles. When he sees how broken you are by the world, he hugs you and he won’t let go.

He makes you cry even more because of the moments when you can’t believe that you really deserve this.

Wiping away your tears and making you laugh are his biggest priorities. He convinces you that you are beautiful when you can’t see it.

This is the type of man you need in your life. The type of man you should want in your life.

You can’t always be strong; life will break you eventually and you will need a support system. You will need a man by your side to take care of you, just like he needs you to take care of him. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s how love works.

The world is cruel to us, it doesn’t want to make life easier for anyone, so we depend on people to be there and carry us when we aren’t able to carry the weight of the world ourselves.

Date a man who is willing to share the weight and share your pain. He will understand you, he will be there for you. He will love you.

He will love you when you are not able to see your own beauty and when you’re not able to love yourself. He won’t want to play it cool, he won’t act like he can’t see that you’re suffering.

Push away all the people who didn’t make you feel worthy, who didn’t make you feel like you were enough. Make more space for him in your life, make more space for love. You two need to show the world how being there for each other looks.

You shouldn’t be impatient about finding a man like this, because they don’t fall out of the sky the moment you decide that you are ready to commit to someone as beautiful as him. Rather, you should let him get there by himself. Don’t force it. He will find you and he will love you. He will find you and make you love yourself at your most unlovable moments. You will never have to doubt his love, you will never have to wonder where he is, because he will always be somewhere waiting for you to fall into his arms. He will dedicate his life to making you happy, because that will make him happy, too.

Date this type of man and love him unconditionally, love him with all your heart and make him feel appreciated, because he deserves it. Because you deserve it. You deserve someone special because you are special as well