Choose The Man Who Will Love You At Your Worst

Choose The Man Who Will Love You At Your Worst

Choose the man who will love you when you think that you are the unlovable one. Wait for the one who makes butterflies in your stomach the second you see him, no matter how long you two know each other. Be with the man who will make you cry—but just because you are laughing at his jokes. Be with the one who sees positive things in negative ones and who will always push you forward.

Because a man like that is worth the wait. He is someone who will be there for better or worse. He won’t leave you when you fall apart because he knows very well what it feels like to be broken. He will understand that you need your own time and he won’t push you to do things that you don’t like. A man like this will be a blessing for you because with him, you will finally find the peace that you craved so much.

Choose the man who will love you when you are all in a mess because he knows that we all sometimes feel like that. Be with a man who won’t make you cry but will wipe away the tears from your cheeks telling you that to him, you are still the most beautiful woman in the world. He won’t mind if you gain weight or if you are wearing just an old tracksuit because in his eyes, you will be the sweetest creature he has ever seen.

Choose the man who will know your worth and who will understand that there will be days when you won’t feel like talking to him. Not because you don’t love him but because you think that you are not good company for him at that time.

Be with the man who tells you that he loves you every day. Be with the one who chooses you every day because he decided to spend the rest of his life with you. A man like that is sure about his decisions and he wants you to know that he is not going anywhere.

Choose the man who will be willing to accept you with all your flaws. The one who will love every part of you no matter how imperfect they might be. Be with the man who will love you despite the fact that you were bruised and broken. He will be there to help you get over everything bad that will happen to you. He will hold your hand when you are scared the most and show you that you are not alone.

Wait for the man who sees you crying but still decides to stay around—even if you push him away. Trust me: a man like that would kill for your love and he is serious about his feelings. He will stay with you even if he sees your real face, when you have a nervous breakdown or you get all fucked up because of the many slaps life gives you.

Be with the man who truly respects you and who wants to help you to be a better person. Be with the one who will stay there no matter how angry you are with him. He knows that deep down you still love him but your pride doesn’t let you show that.

Choose the man who sees only you and not the one who will check out other women when he is with you. Be with the one who respects you for being a true lady. A man like that experienced many things in his life and he met many women but none of them was pure and sweet like you. Wait for the man who kisses you on the forehead while you are sleeping because men kiss only a special woman in that way. Be with someone who will always put you first and who will put his happiness on hold so he could devote himself to yours.

A man like this is so rare and he won’t wait for you until forever. So, be smart and show him that you love him as well. Show him that you have been waiting for him your whole life and that you finally made your biggest dream come true.

Choose a man who won’t try to complete you but who will accept you completely. Be with the one who won’t try to fix you but who will hold you while you fix yourself. Wait for the one who will see you at your worst but he will still want to stay!


April Lee