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8 Not So Obvious Signs She Likes You But Is Playing Hard To Get

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2. Her friends know all about you
When a girl likes a guy, it is possible for her not to tell him or show him that, despite the chemistry between them. But one thing is for sure—she will tell her friends all about you and all about her feelings. Therefore, if there is a girl who tries hard to ignore you and doesn’t give you the attention you want but her friends know all about you, it is clear that she is only playing hard to get. Her friends call you by your name even if they meet you for the first time and before you’ve introduced yourself officially, they tell you some details about you which they couldn’t know unless she had told them and they are indirectly asking you about your love life. Besides, they tease the two of you and act as if you are a happy couple. What you need to understand is that this girl is playing tough in front of you but she likes you so much and she simply has the need to talk about you to the people close to her.

3. She never texts or calls you first
Let’s face it—the process of modern dating is mostly based on text messages. So this is one of the first fields in which any girl who is playing hard to get will want to show her dominance in this relationship and the power she has over you. You need to accept one thing—this girl will probably never be the first one to text you or to call you. The only time she might do this is when she really needs to ask you something or to tell you something important. It means that she will never call or text you just to see what you’ve been up to or to see how your day was and she definitely won’t be sending you the sweet and flirty texts that you might expect. Besides, she will never respond to your texts right away. I know you think this is a clear sign she doesn’t give a damn about you but there is a difference between her behavior and the behavior of a girl who wants you to leave her alone for real. Yes, this girl is never the one to initiate any kind of communication but when you are the one to initiate some kind of communication, she continues replying to you. When you come to think of it, this girl has never actually ignored your texts or phone calls and you see that she is not being polite only—she really enjoys talking to you. She just doesn’t want to seem too desperate so she is always letting you make the first move.

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