8 Not So Obvious Signs She Likes You But Is Playing Hard To Get

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Despite all of your dating experience, sometimes you cross paths with a girl whose mixed signals you simply can’t decode, as much as you try. You are very much aware that most girls like to be chased and enjoy having a man fight for their affection but sometimes all of these games confuse you and you don’t know if a girl likes you but is playing hard to get or she just wants you to leave her alone. If this is the case with you, you’ve come to the right place because what you are about to read is 8 signs you have a chance with this girl, if you don’t mind trying a little bit harder.

1. When you ask her out, she tells you “maybe”
One of the signs a girl likes you but is playing hard to get is her reaction to you inviting her out on a date or just to hang out. She doesn’t want to say yes right away to everything you propose and agree every time you want to hang out because she is scared that this way she’ll show her eagerness to see you and to spend time with you. Of course, she won’t tell you “no” every time you ask her out, because that would be a clear sign that she is not interested in having anything to do with you. Instead, this girl will probably give you a vague response—she will tell you that she’ll call you with her answer, that she might be busy on that day and that she is not sure if she has plans. Besides, it is possible for her not to agree on going out with you on the specific date or time you proposed just to show you that things can’t always go your way. But if she likes you, she’ll simply tell you to meet her some other day, just to show you that she has a busy schedule and that she is not ready to move anything for you. This girl won’t reschedule your date because she doesn’t want to see you—the truth is that she’ll do it to appear as more busy and popular than she actually is.

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