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7 Warning Signs He’s A Low-Value Man

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While the opposite of a low-value man is a high-value one who contributes to your relationship and works together with you to create a wonderful experience for the both of you, a low-value man only takes and doesn’t give anything in return. To be sure that your man isn’t a low-value one, you need to recognize the signs that tell you he’s not worth the effort. You deserve way more than he’s able to give you.

1. He doesn’t support you
You probably have hopes and dreams that you want to achieve in your life. Those dreams will fulfill you and make you the best version of yourself, but he doesn’t care. His mind is only set on the idea that you will be too occupied with other things rather than him and he doesn’t like that. That’s why he brings you down, telling you that you can’t do something or that you will never achieve what you strive for. Why would you want someone by your side who doesn’t appreciate your effort and doesn’t support you in your dreams?

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