7 Things That Happen When You’re In A Mature Relationship

7 Things That Happen When You’re In A Mature Relationship

There he is! The love of your life. Right in front of you. You look at him with those sparkly eyes and wonder about all those little things and coincidences that led you two right here, right now, to this happy and wonderful relationship.

Just think back to the very beginning where you weren’t really sure what you two were going through because somehow it wasn’t what you had seen in the media or what you’d been told about by your friends. It was so much more than a stereotypical, dramatic relationship. Let me tell you that it’s a mature relationship.

In this type of relationship, things will happen that you weren’t even prepared for. You’ll get to know each other and the world of adulthood through a relationship, simply by being yourself and having fun together.

Now is your relationship really that mature? Well, there are some things that happen in a mature relationship that show you two really do have a bright future ahead of you.

1. You are both committed
It’s easy to spot a commitment-phobe who’s too immature to realize that life is about things other than sex and parties. In order to have a mature relationship, you really have to define that you are indeed together and that you are committed to one another. There’s nothing bad between you two and there’s no one besides your partner. It’s just the two of you, working it out together.

2. You don’t have to talk all the time
The young people of today, in their immature relationships, always text each other, don’t they? They keep on texting all day even though they were together half an hour ago. The thing is that being constantly in contact with your partner is actually putting limitations on them to know where they are and what they’re doing at that particular time. But when you’re in a mature relationship you simply don’t need to do that because you trust your partner completely. Also, you both have your own life. You both have a career and work to do, so there’s no need for constant contact.

3. Your arguments are productive
You don’t actually fight with your partner but you do have productive arguments. They’re not loud and you don’t use harsh words but instead they’re rather oriented to dealing with problems and solving them. You use arguments to actually become a better partner to your significant other and to show them that you are willing to work on your relationship together.

4. You don’t want to change each other
You don’t want to change them in ways to suit you because you two are perfect for each other just the way you are and that’s it. There is no need to influence their behavior just so you can sleep at night because in a healthy and mature relationship you don’t even have the urge to change your partner.

5. You love pleasuring each other
When it comes to sex as a very important part of a relationship, you two aren’t selfish in the way that you want all the pleasure for yourself but rather in a way that pleasuring your partner makes you aroused even more. Pleasuring your partner is the biggest aphrodisiac there is and it actually shows in other parts of your relationship as well. You both simply love to see each other happy and pleasured.

6. The relationship is stable
How many times have you been in a relationship where you just thought about the break-up and every little fight looked like the last time you two spoke to each other? Well, those are the main traits of an immature relationship. This time it’s a bit different because you both feel stable in the relationship and you’re not scared that you might split up just because of a little fight or something.

7. The relationship is founded on trust
You don’t freak out when someone else is flirting with your partner. I mean they are a catch, of course people will come up to them. It’s just that the relationship is completely founded on trust and you know that if he goes out with his friends he won’t even look at another woman in a way that’s provocative and he is never going to cheat on you. He loves you too much for that.