7 Signs You Are Being Verbally Abused And How To Walk Away From It

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Forgive. I know that it sounds crazy, right? But you have to forgive him and yourself. Don’t hold grudges or one day, you might turn into a version of what he currently is. Forgive him – not because he deserves it but because you do. Also, forgive yourself for falling for it. Abusive manipulators are knows for their mind games which means that it isn’t your fault and that you shouldn’t blame yourself for having fallen for what he said. You are forgiven.

Do something for yourself. Be selfish. This is the first time in a while that you have the complete freedom to be selfish. Spend all the money you want on yourself. Take yourself on a date. Take yourself on a trip. You deserve it!

Leave. Just walk away from the asshole that made you question your self-worth. Show him that you do love yourself. He doesn’t deserve you in his life and you shouldn’t even want to stay with someone like this. He might try to guilt you into thinking that you should stay by his side, but don’t fall for it. You have suffered long enough.

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