7 Signs You Are Being Verbally Abused And How To Walk Away From It

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7. He never forgives you
No matter how many times you apologize, it doesn’t matter. You are almost never forgiven. He holds grudges and he reminds you of all the times you were ‘wrong’ and all those times that made him mad for some reason.

How to walk away and save yourself
Accept the reality of the situation. Don’t walk away from the truth thinking that it was your fault all this time – because it wasn’t. It’s all the verbal abuse you’ve gone through that keeps on convincing you that it was you. If the communication in your relationship can be described through the signs of verbal abuse I have listed above, then accept the reality.

Don’t lie to people who truly care about you. He will make you feel like you shouldn’t look for someone to talk to because he knows that they will open your eyes to the whole situation. But don’t lie to anyone who’s truly interested in how you’re doing. Tell the truth. Find help. People can help you accept the reality better and they can give you the courage to walk away and save yourself.

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