7 Signs You Are Being Verbally Abused And How To Walk Away From It

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5. Yelling
I know that relationships aren’t always easy and that they are a lot of work, but if arguments are all about who yells louder, then that is not a relationship, especially a healthy one. You are being verbally abused if you can’t get to talk about your problems because of how much your partner yells at you. Arguments should be calm because only this way will you be able to find reasonable answers for your problems.

6. You are the only one apologizing
Because of the manipulative mind of an abuser, all he knows is to make you feel bad about everything. Just look back at all the fights you’ve had. Most of those fights were his fault and he was to blame for the things that went gone wrong. But all he does is guilt you into thinking that it was your fault, so you apologize – even though it’s almost never your fault.

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