7 Signs You Are Being Verbally Abused And How To Walk Away From It

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3. He knows exactly where it hurts
When you’re in an argument with him, he knows exactly what to say in order to make you feel like you’re less of a human being. He makes you question your worth and your character. If you have told him about a certain event in the past that was very painful to you, he’s always going to remind you of that event. He knows where your scars are and he’s always opening up the wounds.

4. He laughs at your feelings
Whenever you’re trying to express a genuine emotion, he brings you down and he makes you miserable. He makes you believe that your emotions aren’t valid and he constantly makes jokes about your tears. He doesn’t even allow you to talk about your emotions because all he can do is interrupt you and make you feel bad about what you’re feeling right at that moment.

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