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6 Stages Of Grief Once You Break Up With Him

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When you end a relationship, you are not aware of the fact that it will hurt you. You think that you are strong enough to endure all those mixed emotions that are inside you. Even if you don’t know what to do with all those love feelings mixed with anger, you somehow live day by day. And you hope that every next day will be better than the previous one. But it doesn’t. It gets even worse because you have flashbacks of your life with your ex in front of your eyes.

Every time when something reminds you of him, you feel like crying and you don’t see how things will get better. And you go through different stages of grief because that is something you need to go through to be able to get back on your feet again. Here are the most common stages all people go through once they end a love relationship.

1. Denial
This is the first stage of a heartbreak and for most people the worst one. You catch yourself hating the man who promised you happily ever after yesterday. You don’t want to accept that you are in that kind of a situation and you think that if you stop thinking about that, it will pass. During this stage, you will stalk your ex on social media sites, trying to find ways to see if he has someone new in his life. You will use all means necessary to show him what he lost and that he will seek you in every other woman but he won’t find you.

2. Isolation
You will want to do this because you won’t be able to explain to all those people why the two of you broke up. You will feel so miserable and there won’t be anything that could make you feel better. During this stage, you will think a lot about your ex and your relationship and you will wonder why it had to end it like that. There will be so many things in your head in a short time and you won’t know what is right and what is wrong. But please, bear in mind that confusion after a heartbreak is something pretty normal, so don’t think that you will go crazy if you continue living like that.

3. Anger
When you end a love relationship, you will probably be angry at your former partner for some time. Maybe he is the main reason that the two of you broke up and now you feel like shit because you have to raise the kids by yourself. On the other hand, maybe that person hurt you in ways that you couldn’t even imagine and you can’t forgive him. This phase is normal and quite healthy. It is better to show your rage to him instead of keeping it inside. After you say to him everything that was on your mind, you will feel much better. There won’t be a better feeling that that because you actually did something good for yourself.

4. Bargaining
During this phase you won’t really know what you want and how you will feel after you get there. You know that you broke up with your ex and that you won’t be together again, but you still want to have some contact with him. By doing this, you will heal much faster because you won’t have a feeling that he just vanished from your life. You will feel that you can still call him and talk to him and day by day, it will be easier for you to start a new chapter of your life. By doing this, you will give the both of you a chance to fix things that were broken and to forgive.

5. Depression
When you finish a love relationship, there is a chance that you will be depressed for some time. That is a normal process and there is nothing that can save you from this. You might be having fun during the day but once you get into your 4 walls, you remind yourself about some past things. And it will hurt. You will cry but that is a good way to shake the grief away. When you finally see that you are feeling bad because of something, you will work harder to make it better. And, the good thing is that this phase will last only for a short time so you don’t have to worry.

6. Acceptance
After you go through all the stages of grief, you will finally accept what happened. That will help you to learn from your mistakes and not to repeat them in the future. Once you finally accept your breakup, you will grow as an individual and you will feel like you are finally free from everything toxic that was suffocating you. When you go through all of the stages of grief, you will laugh at the things you worried about before. And the day when you think of something like that, will be a day when you will completely heal.