6 Reasons Why You Always Choose The Wrong Guy

6 Reasons Why You Always Choose The Wrong Guy

We always obsess about how to act on our first date, what to do and what not to do or how to make a guy like us, just to have a nice and healthy relationship. We all want to dodge a bullet but only once we are in a relationship.

So what about taking some precautions before you even think of dating again?

This is where the real problem is. You make a mistake when it’s too late to fix it and you end up getting hurt. You wrongly pick your lover because you don’t think about it until you’re already in a relationship.

So to prevent this from happening, try to eliminate guys who you think won’t make you happy before you start dating them. And don’t beat yourself up just because you stumble upon wrong guys all the time.

Now, there is a solution to your problem. Look at these reasons why you always choose the one who is not for you, so you will never make the same mistake again.

1. You think you can change him
This is the biggest mistake you can make. If you see certain behavior that is bothering you, don’t think you can change that. You can warn him about it and he could try to keep it under control, but that is not a permanent solution. Every time he gets annoyed or angry, his true self will float to the surface; he won’t be able to hide it. So, taking this into consideration, do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is not being his genuine self because changing him is out of the question? He cannot change his core values and you shouldn’t think that you can change them instead of him.

2. You are sabotaging yourself unknowingly
Maybe you are the one who is afraid of commitment. Has it ever crossed your mind that you choose unavailable men even though those who would suit you perfectly are standing right in front of you? You are probably unaware that you’re doing this on purpose because you are terrified of commitment. But this doesn’t have to be such a great problem because it is pretty much solvable. If you realize that you have commitment issues, you just have to force yourself to give some men a chance and give each of them some time to prove themself to you.

3. You are afraid to be alone
Portrait of a woman lying

Much research has shown that women are willing to endure being in an unhappy relationship rather than being all alone and that’s why they fall for the wrong kind of men. They think it’s better to date a wrong man than be alone. Well, that is far from the truth. That is actually the worst thing you can do because you are making yourself unavailable to other men if you choose to stay with the wrong one. You have to learn that being on your own is not too bad at all. If it isn’t your time to be with someone, then embrace yourself and learn to love yourself because that is the only way someone else will be able to love you.

4. You fall in love with one thing
He probably has one positive factor that has swept you off your feet but beyond that, you see completely nothing. In other words, you are blinded by his one positive characteristic and you don’t see other things, including negative things. So, after a while, when you start seeing these other things, the whole picture suddenly changes. You realize that you were crazy in love and blind, and you realize that it was an infatuation and not love.

5. You are extremely attracted to him
Of course, you have to feel some kind of an attraction toward the guy you want to date. There is something that brings you closer to each other, a sexual tension. The result of explosive sexual attraction is that you make reckless decisions and research has shown that people who make decisions on the spur of the moment are more likely to regret them later. So, every time you feel like this toward someone, don’t react right away. Stop for a second and let it all sink in and then make a decision.

6. You have low self-esteem
You think that you don’t deserve better than what is offered, so you take it. Guys you date are a reflection of how you feel and think about yourself. You probably think that you aren’t good enough and guys like that are the only ones who can be interested in you. You have to work on your self-esteem. You have to realize that you are perfect just the way you are. You may not be perfect to everyone, but you will be perfect to that special one. Just hang in there for a bit longer and he will find you.