5 Mind Games Guys Play On Women Before A Break Up (And How To Deal With Them)

5 Mind Games Guys Play On Women Before A Break Up (And How To Deal With Them)

When a man leaves you, your whole world falls apart. You’re feeling rejected and alone. We’ve all experienced that dreadful feeling and the healing process that comes after it. But, what would happen if you could be one step ahead of the guy who is about to break your heart?

What would happen if you could anticipate that he is going to leave you?

There would be no heartbreak, not even if you really loved him. Because, somewhere along the line, you would notice that he is playing mind games with you to find an excuse for a breakup. He is probably a weak coward who is not man enough to suck it up and tell it to your face that he wants out of the relationship.

So, he reaches out for the most disgusting and the most cowardly means of getting out of the ‘mess’ he found himself in—he plays games with your mind, trying to convince you that you were the problem all along, so he can walk out clean-handed and not guilty.

What happens is that most women don’t even realize they were being abused in their relationship until it’s all over. Then they rewind everything that has happened and realize it was never their fault for any of the things that were happening.

They were so in love with the man who used and abused them that they failed to see something wasn’t quite right. They failed to see that things shouldn’t have been the way they were.

Even if they noticed something was wrong, they wouldn’t admit it to themselves because the perfect bubble they were living in would burst. Sometimes it’s easier just to ignore the truth than to face it and receive all the blows that were to come.

That’s why it’s important to look at your love life objectively. Set aside that you’re in love because love will blind you and you won’t be able to see things for what they are. Maybe because you don’t want to, or you just can’t.

There are many different ways men play mind games on women. As we are all different, so are our actions. Different things get to us, different things hurt us. Emotional psychopaths and men who play all kinds of games with all people like they were objects and not human beings are smart enough to know the exact way to get to us, to hit where you hurt the most.
These men do it because they want to break up with you and they want to stage it like it’s all your fault. Here are some of the mind games they use in order to get what they want and leave the relationship with a clean start.

1. He is flirting with other women
There could be a lot of reasons why he is doing this. But, the most common ones are that he just wants your attention and wants you to be jealous—which is also not that healthy. Yet there is even one bigger reason why he’s doing that. He is trying to send you a subtle clue that he will soon quit on you and your relationship.

But the thing is if you ask him why he’s doing that, he won’t tell you straight up of course. He will probably lie and make himself the victim, so you feel sorry for him and leave him alone. He’ll tell you that you don’t care for him, that he is feeling lonely, when the truth is, he’s had enough and will leave you any time soon. And when he leaves you, you will feel like shit because you’ll think it was all your fault, that you should have loved him more.

2. He guilt-trips you
He will make you feel completely useless. No matter how hard you try to make your relationship work, he will find a way to object to your behavior. He will make you feel guilty for everything that goes wrong. Even when you are not in a good mood but you try to keep yourself together for his sake, he will poke and provoke you just to make you go crazy, so once again he could be the victim and you the bad guy.

He will do this every day because either he wants to break up with you or he wants you to break up with him, so he doesn’t have to be the one who pulls the plug on your relationship. The best thing you could do in this situation is to go no contact with him and just leave him. Even if it gives him the satisfaction of not breaking up with you but getting rid of you, it’s not worthy of your emotional breakdown.

3. He will lie to you all the time
He’s probably even having an affair which is so see-through. You simply know that he’s cheating on you and that it is intentional. He wants you to know because he’s preparing you for a breakup. But, the screwed up part is that although he wants you to know that he no longer loves you, he will lie to justify his actions because once again, he doesn’t want to be the bad guy. He will lie about where he’s been and with whom he’s been—even if you sense another woman’s scent on him. He will deny everything.

Don’t stick around to see what happens. Don’t give him another chance because he doesn’t deserve it and probably doesn’t want it either. Don’t let him abuse you with his lying and making a complete fool out of you. Never show him that these transparent lies are getting to you and just end it. And if he asks the reason, which a mind playing psychopath like he will, just say, “because”. Don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing you hurt.

4. He will gaslight you
This is the gold mine of manipulations. It’s the meanest and most effective mind playing there is. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse in which the abuser manipulates situations repeatedly to make you think you’re going crazy. He will chose a situation and say one thing and completely do another. And afterward, he’ll convince you that you’ve got all of it wrong and that he never said what you think he said (or did what you think he did).

You can get out from that situation by writing things down. You won’t be able to write everything that happens in your life, but after some time, some situations are going to repeat themselves and when they do, write down what he said or promised and what he did in the end. You’ll see that the problem is not you but him. He is playing games with your mind so after he breaks up with you, he has the excuse that you are completely crazy and he had no choice other than to leave you.

5. He’s provoking you
He will push your buttons to make you angry and then use that anger against you. No matter how patient you are, after constant verbal and emotional poking, you will break under the pressure and blow up. That is what he wants from the start. Since you have been in this relationship for quite some time, he knows exactly what makes you angry and he will use it against you. Once you go crazy, he will play the victim and turn things around.

You see, this manipulation is the perfect cover-up for a break up because you are the one who is impossible to be around. You’re mad all the time and you scream constantly. When you look at it just from the surface, that’s true, but when you dig in more deeply, you’ll see that he planted that seed of mess and staged the whole situation to happen.

And all that just because he didn’t have enough courage to let you go like a man. He did it like an emotionally immature mama’s boy, a plain old coward.

You don’t deserve a coward, you deserve a real man.