4 Signs Your Friend Is Gossiping About You

4 Signs Your Friend Is Gossiping About You

You know how they say, if someone tells you about somebody today, he will talk with him about you tomorrow. This has been confirmed by a correct statement countless times. A person who has a constant need to gossip won’t stop doing it that easily.
We all sometimes gossip, comment or talk about someone’s life, but you must wonder how beautiful it is to talk about your friends in an ugly way. If your friend keeps talking about a person with whom she is spending a lot of time, she will undoubtedly speak to her about you. That’s the first sign that it isn’t wise to tell her everything about your personal life.

Okay, some people like to mix in someone else’s stuff and sometimes want to make a quarrel where there is no place for it. But if you and your friend are in the same group of people, and these people keep telling you that she is talking about you – that’s an alarm signal. Why should she speak to you when you aren’t there? Did you argue, is she lousy at keeping your secrets? You don’t need such a person in your life because you never know will she tell your secret to someone and how much you can rely on her.

Someone once said:
-My friend’s enemy is my enemy.
And the debate is over. How many times did you tell your friend that this person is bothering you or did something terrible to you, and then she started to hang out with that person? If she could live without that person before your quarrel, then she can be without her after it. Why does she has a sudden urge to get along with that person and do you think they’re talking about some kind things, and not about you?

You tell her what happened to you, and she invents an entirely different story. The next day you hear something about yourself, which you didn’t even know yourself. Does this sound familiar? If it does, it’s the fourth sign to get that friend out of your life. Real friends will never lie about themselves nor you. If a person spreads disinformation or tells something before asking you, it means that she wants other people to think wrong about you.

You will surely say that IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU. If you don’t have any sign of doubt, then I congratulate you! Such friendships are rare. Unfortunately, not even years of friendship can save us from betrayal. Sometimes it happens that you are betrayed by friends after twenty years of friendship, the friends we had while we were very young. The fact is those female friendships are sensitive and that they are more often interrupted than men’s. Women are very competitive, and they can become very jealous and envious. Therefore, carefully choose your friends, but also build your character, because no one wants to be a woman whose only goal is to gossip other women.

April Lee