15 Undeniable Signs Of True Love In A Relationship

15 Undeniable Signs Of True Love In A Relationship

People often confuse love at first sight with true love. Love at first sight is something that can evolve into true love but it doesn’t have to. It can just be a passing infatuation, the spark two people felt when they crossed each other’s paths. True love is something much much deeper, however.

True love is the highest level of connection that two people can share, intertwined with intense emotions.

True love takes time. The time to get to know each other better. The time you require to grow as a couple. Time to go through all the stormy days and all those filled with sunshine and rainbows.

True love needs persistence. It needs two people who are willing to go the extra mile for one another. The ones who will be there no matter what. The ones who will persist and have faith that their love can survive anything.

True love is the hardest love to find but it’s the one that will be worth the wait. We all strive to find true love someday. But sometimes we tend to overlook it and we miss the signs. Those who were lucky enough to have found that true love already will recognize themselves in the signs listed below. The others will know what will it look like when true love finally comes knocking on their door.

1. Eyes speak louder than words.
When you look at each other you are unable to hide the love you feel. If your love was a secret, your eyes would give you away. You don’t just stare at each other for minutes like the couples on TV do. You have something real, and every now and then, when your eyes meet, you just know that you both feel the same.

2. You both give and take.
You both invest in your relationship. Your feelings, trust, affection, attention, and efforts are all reciprocated. It all came gradually and naturally. A relationship always requires work but the fact that you are both giving your best and investing in it is what makes your love invincible.

3. You understand one another.
Compatibility is generally overlooked these days but it’s the essence of any good relationship. If you can communicate freely and openly, if you have understanding for one another and if you get each other in a way nobody else gets, you have everything it takes to be happy.

4. You take care of each other.
When you care, you care about everything. You are interested in how their day went, how they are in general, about their ideas, goals, and wishes. Neither of you minds being taking care of. It’s nice to have somebody who will fix you coffee in the morning or bring you a bowl of soup when you are sick. True love is made of the small, caring things.

5. You enjoy your time together.
No matter what you do you, you make the best of your time together. You have fun while you are out grocery shopping, lying on a couch cuddling and watching a movie, attending a family dinner or going to a concert that you always dreamed of. No matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as you are together, it’s going to be time well-spent.

6. You change and evolve.
You’ve both grown into the people you were always supposed to be or you are on your way there. The reason for that change isn’t something your partner said or did, it’s simply his presence that makes you want to do better and be a better person than you were yesterday. By loving yourself and working on yourself, your relationship is constantly improving.

7. Your fights make you stronger.
Of course, you have your bad days. And on those days you can’t agree on anything and fights happen. Fights are never easy or pleasant but sometimes they are necessary to communicate the feelings you were hiding even from yourself. Anger doesn’t last long, though, and, more importantly, it is that you connect better as a couple after it.

8. You have passion that can last you a lifetime.
You have that sexual chemistry that is as strong as the feelings that you share. Making the initial spark come alive can be challenging to say the least but you guys manage to do so without any major problems. You still look at your partner as the sexiest person alive no matter how much time has passed or how your bodies have changed.

9. You are also best friends.
15 Undeniable Signs Of True Love In A Relationship

They are the person you call when you are having a bad day. They are also the first one you call when you are having a good day. You want to share your joys and your sorrows with them. You can talk openly for hours about anything and nothing. You can just stay silent when you are together and it won’t be awkward. You are both lovers and friends and that’s what makes your love true.

10. You really know one another.
Getting to know each other on a deeper level required time and a lot of listening. But you now find yourself in situations where you finish off each other’s sentences or know exactly how the other would react in certain situations. You guys were paying attention and noticed the little things about one another and that’s what makes you amazing.

11. You use ‘we’ more often than you use ‘I’.
You started using ‘we’ in sentences more often than you used ‘me’ or ‘I’. It’s because as your relationship is progressing, you start to do more things together, you start making more plans together and just by saying ‘we’, you reveal that you are looking at things from your partner’s perspective and you are making their wishes equally important.

12. You make time for them.
Even during your busiest weeks, you are always able to steal some time and spend it together. You realized that all those times people were using the word busy, it wasn’t an excuse. Maybe you don’t have all the time you would want to spend with the person you love but you make the best of the time that you do have together.

13. You keep your promises.
You value each other’s words. If you make a promise to them, you already consider it done. Even if the other person would never know the outcome of that promise, you would stick to it anyway. You would never risk losing the trust you have built.

14. You learned how to make compromises.
You don’t always see eye to eye, you don’t always want to do the same things or visit the same places, and you don’t agree about everything. Sometimes you follow the wishes of your partner and sometimes he follows yours or you find a balance between those wishes. All in all, most of the time, you are able to agree on things by compromising.

15. You like to be affectionate.
Hugs. Kisses. Snuggles. A good morning kiss. A kiss on the cheek while one of you is making breakfast. A hug while you are randomly crossing in the hallway. Goodnight snuggling and cuddling. Could life get any better?
After reading these signs, we can conclude that true love is not something perfect like we watched in movies as little kids. It requires a lot of effort, understanding, investment from both sides and all the other small but meaningful parts that make it worthwhile.

True love isn’t perfect. It’s not supposed to be but it’s the closest thing to perfection any human can experience in life.