15 Different Love Letters That Will Make Your Boyfriend Cry

15 Different Love Letters That Will Make Your Boyfriend Cry

Don’t old-fashioned relationships seem so wonderful? A man would actually make the effort to keep his woman and the woman was so caring and loving toward her partner. You know what was different back then? Those couples took the time to write letters to each other. That’s what makes it so much more special than writing a text, because letters take the effort of finding the paper, writing the letter and giving it to him personally.

How do I write a letter to my boyfriend that will make him cry?

What I suggest is that you write all these letters. I did this for my boyfriend on his birthday and I’ve never seen him that emotional. Just write all these letters and put them in different envelopes with different titles on them. Tie those letters together and gift them to him. It’ll make him see how much time and energy you’ve put into it and that he needs to step up his game, because now he needs to cherish and appreciate you more than ever before. Of course, these are just like ‘templates’, so you can add whatever you want to these letters, to show your gratitude in different ways. This is just how I would do it.

1. READ WHEN: You wake up in the morning
You are the first thing I think of when I wake up and I’m looking forward to a life where I will wake up next to you, not needing to imagine you, because you will be sleeping right there next to me. I will be the happiest woman alive, because I will have you. And I will always have you, because I will do everything to make you feel loved and appreciated. Sometimes, when I wake up, I wonder how I ever deserved you, but the answer is simple: we belong together. There wouldn’t be a ‘me’ without you or a ‘you’ without me. We were meant to watch the sunlight in the morning together, for the rest of our lives. I love you.

2. READ WHEN: We have an argument

I know that we’ve both done something wrong and if I insulted you, I’m really sorry. That wasn’t my intention, though I can’t guarantee that I won’t do that again in the future. I am very emotional and knowing that I’m fighting with you gets me to the point of crying and yelling, because it hurts. It hurts to argue with you. I know that both of us need our space right now, but remember that I love you. And every time you think about that argument, remember that I love you. I love you so much that I can’t put it into words and that’s probably why I say all that random sh*t. I don’t want you to feel bad because of me. When you hurt, I hurt. I’m so sincerely sorry. I love you.

3. READ WHEN: You doubt that I love you

I don’t know what happened that made you think this way, but there is no excuse now. Let me tell you this: I love you. I love with all my heart, body and mind. My skin aches for your touch, my mind needs your thoughts. My ears can’t live a day without the sound of your voice and I shiver every time you let go of my hand. Every little inch of my body is in love with you, with everything that you are. I love your laughter, your kind smile and the way you look at me when I tell you I love you. So don’t doubt that I really do. I am falling for you anew every single day that arises. I love you.

4. READ WHEN: You feel insecure

Hey there! Remember how I told you that I fell for you and your ambitions and the way you were talking about your dreams? Don’t let that wonderful man go. He knows what he wants in his life and that’s why he pursues his dreams. You have the mind of a genius and the body of a Greek god. You think I’m exaggerating? You probably don’t have a mirror and you can’t see yourself the way I look at you, or the way the world looks at you. But I don’t matter and neither do those others, because we can’t make you hustle for your dreams, only you can do it yourself! So go out there and kick some butt! Show the world how amazing you are and I will stand by your side whatever happens! Because I’m proud of you and there’s no need for you to feel insecure. Because I love you.

5. READ WHEN: You’re jealous

Wait? WHAT?! Don’t even try telling me that there is someone in this world that you think would be a better match for me than you are! You are so precious to me and I wish you knew how much you meant to me. You transformed my life and no other man could ever do that. The day I saw you, the day I first looked into your eyes, I could see the rest of my life in them and guess what? We were there together. We were holding hands and loving each other unconditionally. That’s what I’m doing even today. I love you unconditionally. Nothing and NO ONE can change that. You are wonderful and you deserve all my attention; that’s why I can’t focus on anyone else, you are taking up all the space in my heart and mind. I love you. I just wanted you to remember that, as seems like maybe you forgot.

6. READ WHEN: I’m jealous

I’m just afraid. I’m afraid that you might find someone better than me. There is simply no way of knowing that I won’t screw up one day and that you will go to her or someone else. I know that you told me you love me, but my jealousy is stronger and bigger than that. I know that there is no one out there who loves you as much as I do. But I can’t guarantee that you will love me that much, too. So bear with me. I know I might come off cranky and needy, but just wait a moment and reassure me that you love me. That you will forever be there for me. Tell me that she isn’t as lovable as I am. Please, do that. I need that right now. I need you to tell me as I am scared of losing you. I love you.

7. READ WHEN: You miss me

I’m right here. Can’t you feel me? Can’t you hear me? I’m that thumping sound in your chest that tells you to stay alive. I am always there, with you. If you miss me, remember that I am right there listening to you. If you want to hug me and kiss me, I will be there by your side in a few days. We can do this! I miss you, too much. It feels like seconds are hours and hours are years. Sometimes I even cry knowing that you are miles away from me, but just remember that you are everything that I need in my life and all the joy and happiness I need can fit into your smile. So don’t be sad. We’ll be together soon. I love you.

8. READ WHEN: You’re at work

Hello, handsome! Looking fine today! All the women in your office probably think that you are sexy AF. Don’t worry, I know that you don’t look at them. But I wanted to tell you how much I respect you and the way you build your independence with every passing day. Can’t wait to see you become the CEO of your firm. They deserve someone as intelligent and hard-working as you are. Always feel free to speak about your ideas and improvement points because they are awesome. You are awesome. Everyone will respect you even more because of them. But you know all of this already, I’m just reminding you in case you forgot. Even on the days when your boss is being harsh with you, just remember how your girlfriend is waiting for you to kiss you and make it all feel better. We can do all this together! I love you.

9. READ WHEN: You’re tired

Can I help you? How about you call me? I’ll come right away and give you a massage, just like you gave me the other day. Maybe I can sing you a lullaby and make you some tea? All of these things can help you calm down and relax. I don’t know if I can really make you feel better, but I will try for sure. If, for some reason, I’m not able to come, know that it’ll pass. Tomorrow morning your back won’t hurt and your mind will be relaxed again. Fall asleep thinking about us and smile. Because everything that bothers you will pass—only the good things will stay forever. I love you.

10. READ WHEN: You’re going out

I don’t think that there is any need for me to tell you what to do tonight. You’re a big boy already. OK, don’t get mad at me, I’m just joking. Or am I? No, now, real talk. I wanted to tell you to watch out and take care of yourself. There are a lot of bad people out there; I know that you are already aware of that, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am worried. Please, be safe. And don’t drink to the point where you pass out. I will be scared to death of anything happening to you. Please, just be safe. I love you.

11. READ WHEN: You’re bored

Do you remember the day we met? How I melted at the look of you? Do you remember the time when we sat in the cafe on the corner of the street and talked for hours? It felt like there was no one around us, I can’t even remember the waitress. Everyone just disappeared and it was just you and me. I often go back to that, reminding myself of our beginnings and crying with joy. You were so clumsy and sweet, and you knew exactly what to say. You made me believe in love again. I was at a point where I had stopped believing in love, but that changed soon after, when I met you. You were everything that I had dreamed about and here you are today, all mine, loving and caring. When you’re bored, just think about these things. The little things. Like when you picked up that rock on the shore of the river and gave it to me; I still have it. Do you remember how I figured out your favorite chocolate without even asking you? Well, yes. Those were the little signs hinting that we will be together forever. I love you. I have loved you so much from the very beginning and I will love till the end of time.

12. READ WHEN: You want to know what you did for me

I can’t tell you enough how much I have changed with you. But it’s not the bad kind of change, like you forced something on me. Instead, you made my goals clear to me and you showed me what true love is. You showed me how much a woman can actually be loved. You made me realize how wonderful my dreams actually are and the ways I can improve myself on my path to success. You made me come out of my comfort zone and see the beauty outside of it. You. You are beautiful. Thank you for existing. I love you so much.

13. READ WHEN: You want to know what friendship is

So, you want to know my definition of friendship? Want to know what it really is? Well, let me tell you that friendship is us. The way we laugh at stupid jokes, the way we end up talking until we welcome the morning sun into our room. The way we drink beer together and the way we understand each other. That is friendship. You are just the type of friend I have always wanted. I wanted someone special, someone who understands me, even when I can’t find the right words and that’s exactly what you are to me. You are my friend—my best friend. You will console me when I cry and I will be there to play video games with you. We make each other whole again and we heal all the wounds of the past. We are just the perfect match. It’s just what friendship’s all about. I love you.

14. READ WHEN: You want to know what’s going on in my mind

I know that you’re not a mind reader, that’s why I’m writing you this letter. But, in my mind, there is always the same scenario playing: You, me, a white dress and a tuxedo. It’s the beginning of a fairy tale that my imagination plays for me every day. Then also kids, lots of laughing and loving. It’s perfection, nothing less. My mind is always occupied with thoughts of you and our love. It’s like a constant replay of thoughts, even on those days when I seem like I am down and depressed, or if I’m angry and fighting with you. None of those things matter. I forget them quickly, because the moment I see your face, everything just clears up for me and I remember how lucky and grateful I am to have you in my life. I love you.


I love to write about you, you know? In this constant world in which we’re surrounded by hatred and misery, it’s nice to write about positive things that make us smile. People don’t do that often enough. We usually focus on the bad things, forgetting that we have so much good in our lives.

But it’s human nature. We can’t do much to change it, right? But, wait a minute. Since you’ve been in my life, nothing negative has been swimming around my mind. Of course, I am a woman, so I make assumptions and have thoughts that aren’t really healthy for me, but they still go away very fast.

They go away right after you send me a text, you kiss my forehead or you hug me tightly. I forget about all my worries and I just keep thinking about you and how adoring and wonderful you are. Maybe this is too emotional for you, but you know that I am like this and that there is nothing I can do about it. You love me for who I am and that’s what matters the most.

Thinking way back to our beginnings and to our first dates and the way we would play with each other’s hands at social gatherings, hoping that no one could see us, they were the most beautiful situations in my life. There was nothing that could’ve made me doubt the fact that we were meant to be. We were meant to be together. Forever. Want to know why?

Because we have loved each other from the very beginning and we will keep on loving each other forever. Till death do us part.

April Lee