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10 Signs He’s Trying To Control You

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Have you ever been in a relationship where you start noticing how you’re slowly changing? Or maybe your friend has simply disappeared from your group, completely reinventing herself, giving up on her hopes and dreams and it’s all because of a new relationship? The most probable explanation is that one of you is in a controlling relationship where you don’t even realize what is happening to you. Usually, it starts with little comments and remarks, and you would never say that it’s controlling behavior, until it gets very serious.

1. He isolates you
He tries to keep you all to himself by not letting you participate in any kind of social activities with your family and friends. He knows that they might influence you if they see what he’s trying to do, so what he does is play the victim, telling you that he needs you when you want to go out. He tells you that it’s not a good idea to visit your family because of some stupid reason he just thought about. He simply wants you to step away from anyone who can tell you that you’re in danger.

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